How To Build A Passive Income With DeFi on EOS

The DeFi world is growing from day to day. Ethereum is the leading blockchain when it comes to the amount of developers, DApps, and users. But DeFI is also growing on other blockchains, which have the privilege of picking successful concepts from Ethereum and implementing them for their own ecosystems. Most blockchain applications have an open source code, making it easier to build newer projects. Today, we are looking at DeFi on EOS. Should you not have an EOS account yet, we’ve already covered the topic in a previous article. defibox defibox is a relatively new project which implements liquidity pools similar to Uniswap. Additionally, it issues a US Dollar pegged stablecoin, the USN, similar to MakerDAO’s DAI coin on Ethereum. Due to its novelty, the USN is still subject to fluctuations, which should change as time passes. Additional functions are planned such as decentralized lending similar to Aave. defibox offers liquidity pools on various EOS coins, among which EOS/USDT. Currently the pools contain a total liquidity of 20.5 Million EOS, equivalent to 51 Million USD. defibox is offering liquidity farming at the moment. That is, users are paid in BOX tokens for supplying liquidity for certain tokens or performing swaps. … Continue reading How To Build A Passive Income With DeFi on EOS