Crypto Guides: How To Access EOS

EOS is a relatively new smart contract supporting blockchain. It focuses on a user friendly experience and is relatively fast. On Blocktivity, a website measuring activity on blockchains, EOS had been on the first place for a long time. Setting up the EOS account First off, in order to use EOS, users must open an account, for which EOS supports real names. The account name has to be made up of 12 characters, and can include all lowercase letters as well as numbers from 1 to 5. Setting up an EOS account comes with costs, but with a twist! This is due to EOS’ special resource model. Users own part of the network resources, which enable them to execute transactions. ThereforeDie Einrichtung eines EOS-Kontos ist mit Kosten verbunden. Das kommt daher, da EOS auf ein spezielles Ressourcenmodell setzt. In return, transactions are free of cost. Setting up an EOS account currently costs around 0.34 EOS, or about $0.85 at the moment. Setting up an EOS account is a simple process with Click on the following¬†link, then write your user name under “Account Name“. The website automatically recommends you a key pair. using the Generate Key¬†function, you can generate different keys. Alternatively, you can … Continue reading Crypto Guides: How To Access EOS