Binance Announces its own Centralized Version of Uniswap

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, is making one more venture into DeFi with a new token swapping liquidity platform. This will be Binance’s centralized version of Uniswap. According to the official announcement, this platform will allow users to reap the benefits of DeFi services from their existing Binance account. BNB Price Analysis: Binance Launches Staking, Binance Coin Price rises by 8%Your exchange fees are too high? Find out which crypto exchange suits you best! Binance Liquid Swap: Instant Liquidity The swap platform is called Binance Liquid Swap and is based on liquidity pools. Similar to how Uniswap works, each trading pair will have its own liquidity pools, where the ratio of the two pool tokens defines the market price. According to the official post, Binance Liquid Swap gives more constant prices and reduces fees for bigger transactions. The platform will be an centralized Automated Market Maker (AMM), and it includes various pools of liquidity that enable its users to exchange crypto assets. This could be aimed directly at Uniswap. At the moment, Uniswap is one of the leading token swapping protocols and decentralized exchanges. According to its website, it has more than $1.8 billion in liquidity. In … Continue reading Binance Announces its own Centralized Version of Uniswap