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You can confidently say that Moritz Bierling is one of the most ambitious actors in the blockchain sphere. He is a researcher, writer, and man of many talents. As the resident Blockchain Reporter at Neufund he helps educate the public about the nature of blockchain-related technologies and the effect they have on economy and society, while also coordinating community outreach activities, media campaigns, and business development efforts.

In his past work at Exosphere Academy he organized a Space Elevator bootcamp, an Artificial Intelligence conference, and the world’s first Ethereum training course in addition to authoring a Primer on the emerging discipline of Alternate Reality Design. His work has appeared in a number of blockchain-related media outlets such as CoinTelegraph, and the The Bitcoin Podcast.

He made headlines last year with his open letter to the blockchain community where he confronts loyalist to stop engaging in black & white thinking: “Until this community takes seriously the task of building durable, adaptive, and just institutions that assist regular people in navigating the uncertainties and hardships of life, it will remain at the fringes of society.” – Curiosity Talk

This is why we sat down with him and had a very interesting Curiosity Talk. Topics we covered in the interview:

  • Current state of the World
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology
  • Alternative Players
  • Holo & Holochain

Engage in mind boggling conversation with Moritz:
Twitter: @bierlingm (
Facebook: @bierlingm (

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