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On Thursday, Oct. 4, CryptoTicker was invited to attend to an exclusive event which has been hosted for the last five months at Factory Berlin in Görlitzer Park: Blockchain Brunch. Factory Berlin is renowned in the European Tech Ecosystem for helping develop new and successful Berlin-based companies, such as SoundCloud and Uber Europe, to mention a few. As a business club for new companies with a network of influencers, Factory is a good example of how providing high-quality working conditions in a collaborative environment can bring about networking opportunities to growing companies and entrepreneurs. This is the ecosystem that Felix Mago (Futerio), Silvan Jongerius (TechGDPR), Daud Zulfacar (, Viktoria Klianeva (Factory Event Team), as well as  Rafael Schultz (Dash Embassy & blockchainpunk) and Lele Canfora have chosen for hosting their Blockchain Brunch project.

Blockchain Brunch
From left to right: Lele Canfora, Daud Zulfacar, Rafael Schultz and Silvan Jongerius

Our team had the opportunity to chat with one of the founders of this event-series, and DASH Embassy Co-Founder Rafael Schultz, to learn more about the mission and what it means for the future of the industry.

Q: What is the idea behind the Blockchain Brunch event series?

Rafael Schultz: Mainly, the idea behind these events is to create a space for entrepreneurs to meet and brainstorm the possibilities of working in the blockchain. It provides a space for open-minded innovators to discuss the limitations and potential of technology and business within the industry, while also creating an opportunity for networking and idea sharing. The brunch provides a space for innovators to present their ideas and share their learnings with the attendees. Overall, this event is part of Factory’s plan to connect the startup and corporate world.

Q: How often this happens? Do you plan to continue in 2019?

Rafael Schultz: We are hosting this event series once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. Yes, we are planning to continue Blockchain Brunch in 2019 after this successful start.

Q: Why you chose Factory Berlin?

Rafael Schultz: Factory Berlin hosts both large and small companies, and allows agility and innovation mixed with classic investors and mentorship. From early-stage startups in the lower Floors to big corporates at the top Floors of both buildings.

Q: Is the Blockchain Brunch an exclusive Factory-members meetup?

Rafael Schultz: Originally, the Blockchain Brunch is a monthly event held exclusively for Factory members, but we will open it up to more blockchain entrepreneurs outside of Factory Berlin from the beginning of 2019, including blockchain amateurs, outside of the IT world, and other professionals who are interested in how blockchain can address social issues facing the world today.

He further elaborated that,

Blockchain Brunch provides a space for open-minded innovators to discuss the limitations and potential of technology and business within the industry, while also creating an opportunity for networking and idea sharing. – Rafael Schultz,  DASH Embassy Co-Founder

Q: Is Blockchain Brunch an event for blockchain beginners or more advanced level?

Rafael Schultz: Both, the presentations should be focussing on the main idea and the solution their project is providing. We want to address beginners, professionals, and non-IT professionals. Also, people without any blockchain knowledge. To leave it on an understandable and open level, we want to avoid sales pitches and deep technical presentations.

Q: Who can present their projects at Blockchain Brunch?

Rafael Schultz: In these sessions, we invite various companies from the Factory community to introduce their ideas and share their learnings. So far, 21 startups have presented their blockchain projects. In the near future, we also want to get to know innovators from outside of the Factory community. 

Indeed, this Blockchain Brunch VI edition brought a very insightful projects selection to the scene. We had the chance to meet the following companies pitching on the 6th Blockchain Brunch edition: Donut –  building the first regulated crypto investment adviser, ZKSystems– scalable DLT Protocol and CWCstriving to be the most user-friendly comparison platform for both crypto wallets and exchanges.

Blockchain Brunch
Neel Popat, co-founder at Donut

The 7th Blockchain Brunch will take place at the beginning of November, again at Factory Berlin in Görlitzer Park. As an official media partner of the Blockchain Brunch series, the team of CryptoTicker will be there, and we cannot wait to share with you more insights from the crypto scene presented at Factory.


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