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Your daily dose of crypto is a collective of free-thinking experts from all corners of the world sharing their knowledge with the community. We bring you news, expert opinions, interviews, documentaries and announcement to get the best of the digital era.


Our aim is to make the world safer and more decentralized place. Covering everything from cryptocurrencies and blockchain to futurism and artificial intelligence, as well as other distributed ledger technologies, we depend on a mix of wide technical knowledge and sensitivity for great writing to maintain the blogs quality.

Meet the team

Dennis Weidner

Founder | CEO
Dennis is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has an extensive experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Being one of the early adopters in the industry, he strongly believes that the world of cryptocurrencies has a lot of potential to grow in the years to come. Thus, he has made it both his personal and professional goal to build a working ecosystem for various tech and blockchain startups on an international scale.

We are comprised of a diverse team of passionate individuals from 8 different countries and 7 different timezones. Here at CryptoTicker, we strive for excellence by ensuring the veracity of the content that we produce.

The Team

Consistently good results require good collaboration

Little things make all the difference and we want to capture the entire picture. Direct communication with the global market gives us better control over the quality of the content.


Steven Tey | CryptoTicker

Marcel Vogel | CryptoTicker DE

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